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Professional, high-quality video and photos can make a huge difference in how your brand and business assets connect with your audience.

The Oddball Creative production team delivers award-winning work, and we're passionate about capturing an unforgettable shot, crafting impactful storytelling, and driving meaningful engagement with exceptional visuals.

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Videos have an 86% greater reach than display ads.

Videos receive 58% more engagement than photos.

People spend 250% more time on videos than photos.

What is Content Creation? 

Mix together talent, creativity, professional equipment, skillful editing, and thoughtful planning and execution, and you've got a day in the life of the Oddball Creative production team. Our work is commercial quality so the resolution looks just as good on the big screen (or the billboard) as it does on the phone screen.

Why do you need it? 

Swap the stock assets for the real stuff! These visual assets communicate a high level of professionalism and trustworthiness, but most of all, they're powerful engagement tools. Simplify a complicated message, create a personal connection, or show off your skills!

The data supports it, too. Great photo and video content improves search engine results, amplifies advertising ROI with higher engagement and conversions, and creates a deeper, more enduring impact on viewers.

Don't Forget the Distribution

You're not going to leave a great new outfit in the closet - Don't let your videos or photos waste away on your hard drive! We can incorporate your assets into your website, design and post branded Social Media Content, or implement a Digital Advertising strategy to get your advertisement in front of your target audience on social media, YouTube, and more!

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